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  • Thu 28th Aug 2014

    Cooly G, Pula—
    MALA, Pula—
    Eliphino, Pula—
    Marquis Hawkes, Pula—
    Andrew Ashong, Pula—
    KOD9, Pula—
    Zombie Nation, Mooloolaba—
    Marquis Hawkes, Pula—
    Holy Strays, Paris—
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  • Fri 29th Aug 2014

    Nick Hook, Vienna—
    Zombie Nation, Gold Coast—
    Jacques Renault, Boston—
    Holograms, Leiria—
    Kutmah, Pula—
    Pharmakon, Shanghai—
    ZEDB, Manchester—
    Jon1st, London—
    Mykki Blanco, St Petersburg—
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  • Sat 30th Aug 2014

    Borrowed Identity, Cologne—
    Harri and Domenic, Glasgow—
    John Heckle, Belfast—
    Nancy Whang, Paris—
    Leif, Pula—
    Wookie, Oxford—
    Jstar, Bristol—
    Pharmakon, Beijing—
    Mo Kolours, Pula—
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  • Sun 31st Aug 2014

    Mykki Blanco, Berlin—
    Flako, Pula—
    DJ Richard, Pula—
    Nancy Whang, Co Laois—
    DJ Richard, Pula—
    Om Unit, Pula—
    Jabru, Pula—
    Young Male, -—
    Dauwd, Barcelona—
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  • Tue 2nd Sep 2014

    Nom De Strip, Changsha—
    Mykki Blanco, Amsterdam—
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  • Wed 3rd Sep 2014

    Sivey, Manchester—
    DJ Barely Legal, Pula—
    Debukas, Barcelona—
    Chimpo, Pula—
    Andrew Ashong, Pula—
    Chunky, Pula—
  • Thu 4th Sep 2014

    Jerry Bouthier, London—
    Chunky, Pula—
    Roy Davis Jr, Oslo—
    Kutmah, Pula—
    Kindness (DJ Sets), Amsterdam—
    Fracture, Pula—
    SAM BINGA, Pula—
    Mykki Blanco, Tel Aviv—
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  • Fri 5th Sep 2014

    Kiwi, Portmeirion Village—
    Walshy Fire, Rotterdam—
    Roy Davis Jr, Dublin—
    Chunky, Pula—
    Torn Hawk, Vienna—
    DADG, Pula—
    Mia Dora, London—
    Young Male, Paris—
    DJ Richard, Paris—
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  • Sat 6th Sep 2014

    The Golden Boy, London—
    Joakim, Tokyo—
    Eomac, Berlin—
    Will Saul, Isle Of Wight—
    HNNY, Groningen—
    Chunky, Pula—
    COKI, Pula—
    ZEDB, Pula—
    DJ Cheeba, Playa den Bossa—
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  • Sun 7th Sep 2014

    Tiger & Woods, Lisbon—
    ZEDB, Pula—
    BODI, Pula—
    Mark E, Berlin—
    DJ Q, Pula—
    Joakim, Sapporo—
    MPEA, Pula—
    Wookie, Pula—
    Zombie Nation, Alkmaar—
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  • Mon 8th Sep 2014

    Huntleys & Palmers, Rovinj—
    Auntie Flo, Rovinj—
    Mykki Blanco, Prague—
  • Tue 9th Sep 2014

    Harri and Domenic, Rovinj—
    Blouse, Geneva—
    Auntie Flo, Rovinj—
    Huntleys & Palmers, Rovinj—
    Horse Meat Disco, Puerto Plata—
    Lemmy Ashton, Rovinj—
    Urulu, Berlin—
    Titeknots, Glasgow—
    Mykki Blanco, Frankfurt Am Main—
  • Wed 10th Sep 2014

    James Holden , Rovinj—
    Harri and Domenic, Rovinj—
    Huntleys & Palmers, Rovinj—
    Auntie Flo, Rovinj—
    Botnek, Ibiza—
    Horse Meat Disco, Cologne—
    Paleman, Geneva—
    Blouse, Marina di Ravenna—
    Will Saul, Boston—
  • Thu 11th Sep 2014

    Jacques Renault, New York—
    Nguzunguzu, Seoul—
    Huntleys & Palmers, Rovinj—
    Auntie Flo, Rovinj—
    Tiger & Woods, -—
    Simian Mobile Disco, Rovinj—
    Anushka, Mallorca—
    DMX Krew, Enschede—
    Forest Swords, Rovinj—
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  • Fri 12th Sep 2014

    Lorca, Edinburgh—
    Om Unit, Sao Paolo—
    Moullinex, Bali—
    Huntleys & Palmers, Rovinj—
    Jahiliyya Fields, Odense—
    TRON, Berlin—
    Auntie Flo, Rovinj—
    DK, London—
    DJ Food, London—
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  • Sat 13th Sep 2014

    Flako, Holsbeek—
    Roy Davis Jr, -—
    Ame (DJ), Maidstone (London)—
    Mighty Mouse, London—
    Hostage, Hannover—
    Torn Hawk, Odense—
    Dixon, Portsmouth—
    Simian Mobile Disco, Brighton—
    Leon Vynehall, Amsterdam—
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  • Sun 14th Sep 2014

    Matt Jam Lamont, London—
    Moullinex, Jakarta—
    AMEN, Copenhagen—
    Tiger & Woods, -—
    Nguzunguzu, Tokyo—
    DJ Cheeba, Birmingham—
    Jon1st, Birmingham—
    Borrowed Identity, Munich—
    Blouse, Vienna—
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  • Mon 15th Sep 2014

    DJ Cheeba, Birmingham—
    Beautiful Swimmers, Konstanz—
    Mia Dora, Edinburgh—
    Blouse, Cologne—
    AMEN, Hamburg—
  • Tue 16th Sep 2014

    DJ Cheeba, Edinburgh—
    Blouse, Tilburg—
  • Wed 17th Sep 2014

    AMEN, N�rnberg—
    Tensnake, London—
    TAI, Ibiza—
    Blouse, Paris—
    Walshy Fire, Barcelona—
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  • Thu 18th Sep 2014

    Nguzunguzu, HCMC—
    Fatima Al Qadiri, London—
    Fis, Bern—
    Blouse, Bordeaux—
    Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Dundee—
    The Busy Twist, Manchester—
  • Fri 19th Sep 2014

    Will Saul, Bern—
    Keeno, Wurzburg—
    DJ Food, DJ Cheeba & DJ Moneyshot - 3 Way Mix, Montreal—
    DJ Cheeba, Montreal—
    DJ Food, Montreal—
    Walshy Fire, Orleans—
    Low Jack, Berlin—
    Punks Jump Up, Istanbul—
    Débruit, Dijon—
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  • Sat 20th Sep 2014

    Torn Hawk, Amsterdam—
    DJ Food, DJ Cheeba & DJ Moneyshot - 3 Way Mix, Ottawa—
    Botnek, Geneva—
    patten, Krakow—
    Tiger & Woods, Hamburg—
    Ame (DJ), Aberdeen—
    LSTP, Bristol—
    AMEN, Angers—
    Stooki Sound, Shanghai—
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  • Sun 21st Sep 2014

    The Jillionaire, Adelaide—
    The Juan Maclean, Edinburgh—
  • Mon 22nd Sep 2014

    Madam X, Manchester—
    Chimpo, Manchester—
    Girl Unit, Tokyo—
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News —

Roger Sanchez – Release Yourself Radioshow #670 w/ Guest Mix From Mia Dora —


Release Yourself Radioshow #670 w/ Guest Mix From Mia Dora (Link To Soundcloud)

Mia Dora provide the guest mix for this week’s Release Yourself radio show, hosted by Roger Sanchez straight out of NYC.

Jstar All Star Mashup Mix —


Jstar All Star Mashup Mix (Link To Mixcloud)

This funky quick fire mix was handed out on CD at gigs on the road last year to promote the Jstar “Licensed Plates” Album. Despite having no related content. Go figure. Still, it’s a firing little energiser of recycled mashed up…

Source: Jstar All Star Mashup Mix 27th August 2014

Marquis Hawkes – Fifty Fathoms Deep EP (Houndstooth – Released 29th September) —


Marquis Hawkes – Fifty Fathoms Deep EP (Houndstooth – Released 29th September)

Roughing up accessible sounds has been a theme throughout Marquis Hawkes’ career, and nowhere has it been so clear than on his debut for Houndstooth.

Four upfront house jams, each demonstrating a different side to Hawkes’ production talent,…

Bunny General – Mek Them Rock (Jstar remix) —


Bunny General – Mek Them Rock (Jstar remix) (Link To Soundcloud)

Continuing their visits to the vaults of the legendary Fashion Records, NICE UP! come correct with another remix of a classic track from the catalogue. Much loved mash-up king and remixer internationale Jstar steps up to give his…

Modini – Fear (Forthcoming Dixon Avenue Basement Jams – Boiler Room Debuts) —


Modini – Fear (Forthcoming Dixon Avenue Basement Jams – Boiler Room Debuts)

Dixon Avenue Basement Jams pride themselves on supplying us all with “real, rockin’, raw shit from the street for the clubs” and, to be honest, we love them for that. Kenny and Dan from Rubadub have lined-up…

7 Sides of Komon – Interview & Mix – Selector After Dark —


Following his recent EP on Aus Music, Komon jumped into a mix and interview with Soundplate – check it out here

Source: Soundplate 20th August 2014

Jon1st – INFLECTMIX 008 —


Jon1st – INFLECTMIX 008 (Link To Soundcloud)

In the run up to the recent Soundwave Festival, Jon1st recorded this new and exclusive mix for Inflect crew to promote their boat party.

Source: Jon1st - INFLECTMIX 008 20th August 2014

Baba Stiltz – New Faces series on Electronic Beats TV —


Watch an interview with Baba Stiltz produced by Electronic Beats at this YouTube link.

Source: YouTube 19th August 2014

DJ Food – Futureshock Mix For Solid Steel —


DJ Food – Futureshock Mix For Solid Steel (Link To Soundcloud)

Future Shock was a 2hr mix that DJ Food cooked up for an online ‘pirate’ radio station a couple of friends set up earlier this year called Altar Ego Radio. Billed as ‘Music from the Future you remember…

Bicep – Satisfy (Brassica Remix) – Released 26th August —


Bicep – Satisfy (Brassica Remix) – Released 26th August (Link To Soundcloud)

Brassica is back with an amazing remix of Bicep’s new single ‘Satisfy’, released through Feel My Bicep on 26th August.

Source: Bicep - Satisfy (Brassica Remix) 18th August 2014